Madame Yon
Monsieur Yon

The initiation into the respected orders of wine producers traverses the generations at Les Vignobles YON.

Marie-Claire YON was initiated into the " CONNETABLIE des BORDEAUX et BORDEAUX SUPERIEUR" during the wine festival in Sauveterre-De-Guyenne and Guillaume YON was initiated into the " CONNETABLIE DE GUYENNE " during the main wine festival in Bordeaux.

But the appreciation of the land is also an initiation in itself.

Bernard YON brings his skill and knowledge and especially the tradition of a craft which is only learnt with time. Quentin, the cadet, brings with him all the vigour of youth to continue and develop this passion for the land of Les Vignobles YON.

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Quentin Yon
Guillaume Yon