" Making wine is an act of creation. For me there is no doubt, a wine producer can be considered as a artist " Bernard YON . 
It was with those thoughts that Bernard YON, originally from the Haute Vienne departement, landed one day in 1976 at Mauriac in the picturesque region of the Entre-Deux-Mers.
The inhabitants of the village noted his arrival with a wry smile. How long will this youngster last, it seemed they were thinking.
Today, Les Vignobles YON are still there. The YON Family, Bernard, his wife Marie Claire and their two sons Guillaume and Quentin, the first and second generations produce their wines, which are respected by their peers and rewarded in numerous concours, in their magnificient château.
The YON Family are always anxious to bring something original and advanced into their production.
They are among the few wine growers in their region to plant the Petit Verdot grape variety and to produce a 100% Pure Raisin juice in white and red, Sauvignon ; Cabernet Sauvignon.
Guillaume and Quentin, both burn in the Bordeaux region have a burning desire to continue this great adventure of the YON Family.